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Food Delivery & Ride Sharing Service SEMO on the GO Provides Discounts For Students

Monday, October 19, 2020

With the coronavirus still as prevalent as ever, students are doing whatever they can to socially distance both inside and outside the classroom. That includes how they get their dinner. One safe option is CarGO delivery.

CarGO is a Missouri-based delivery and ride-sharing service. CarGO has been based in Cape Girardeau for over a year and has been used by Southeast students for just as long. CarGO works as a competitor with other food delivery services such as DoorDash or UberEats.

CarGO has recently added a new service called SEMO on the Go, which allows Southeast students to get benefits. These benefits include no delivery fees and 20% off orders of daily featured restaurants, which you can find on the “SEMO on the Go” Facebook page.

Since CarGO is based in Cape Girardeau, Jeff Maurer, a representative for CarGO, stated they wanted to start student benefits for SEMO first.

“We have aspirations for doing similar-type branded applications like this with multiple other universities,” Maurer said.

Some students have been using CarGO before they knew about SEMO on the Go. Now, these students can receive benefits for attending school, which allows them to get dinner delivered at a cheaper price.

"I really like it," sophomore Matt Fisk said about using SEMO on the Go. "It's a good way to see how local businesses are supporting us students."

SEMO on the Go also has a rideshare program, allowing students to get picked up by drivers or become drivers themselves. Rides are half-off through the program, but there are special precautions to take due to social distancing measures. Maurer said if anyone is feeling ill, they shouldn’t order a ride.

“We ask that all of our passengers and drivers wear masks, and if someone is symptomatic, we’d prefer that they not request CarGo rides, similar for our drivers,” Maurer said.