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Score your ďI VotedĒ sticker

Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

This November 3, the hottest new accessory will be dropping across the country. Worn by celebrities and influencers alike, this limited-edition item can soon be yours. All you gotta do? Vote!

In all reality, you should be visiting the polls for more than the ďI Voted!Ē sticker. But perks are great, right?

If youíre a resident in Missouri, over the age of 18 and eligible to vote, you should definitely be participating in this yearís election! Below are a few tips if youíre choosing to cast your vote in person:

Every day starts with a great outfit! Donít wear any candidate merch to the polls. Itís often seen as electioneering and can affect your ability to properly vote. Depending on the state, the penalty can range from being turned away at the polls to even a misdemeanor, according to CNN. Also, political gear usually isnít thattttt cute ó you can definitely find a better outfit!

Donít forget to pack a bag with the essentials! For the bag itself, I recommend a small crossbody purse or chic tiny backpack ó you donít want to worry about carrying a handbag around on your arm! As you move from the line to the registration table to the voting station, you might be tempted to place your purse on the tables. Thatís a COVID-19 no-no.

Youíll also need some type of identification, for a start! The Cape County Clerkís office lists a driverís license, voter ID card or photo university ID as acceptable forms. If you live on campus and use a meal plan, I can guarantee youíll have your SEMO ID with you! If you donít have any of these, you can obtain free photo identification from the state of Missouri by contacting the Secretary of Stateís office.

Another essential: a fully-charged phone! In the past, Missouri polling stations have featured long lines of voters, especially right before voting closes. While itís unclear if thatís been the case in Cape Girardeau, you donít want to take any chances! Keeping yourself entertained with a little Instagram scrolling while waiting to vote is exercising your civic duty.

Polls will most likely be socially-distanced ó meaning lines might be outside of the building. Donít forget to wear appropriate clothing if that day is a bit chilly! Itís important to vote, and you donít want to be tempted to leave in case of cold weather. A cozy sherpa jacket pairs perfectly with an ďI VotedĒ sticker, folks.

Are you planning to vote in-person this year? Post your sticker selfie and tag me on Twitter at @nbakerARROW!