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Behind the scenes of Redhawk sports productions

Monday, November 16, 2020
Anthony Scherer. University Photo

Three years ago, the Ohio Valley Conference entered into a contract with ESPN to have the conference’s sports streamed on the newly-launched platform ESPN+. Prior to then, the sports were streamed by OVC Digital Network. TV Digital Media Supervisor and Professor Anthony Scherer runs the show when it comes to productions of Redhawk video.

With productions three to four times a week, preparation is important to the overall success of the program. Scherer spends his time working on sponsorship graphics required for the production and helping the talent prepare for what they may want to talk about during the production.

Normally, Scherer would have been knee-deep in post-season fall sports by this time in the semester. With winter sports coming up soon, Scherer is preparing to pick up right where he left off in February.

“We’re trying to get back into focus with productions after being away for nine months,” Scherer said. “There’s obviously going to be some restrictions because of COVID, but we’re going to pick it up the best we can.”

Having both spring and fall sports combined into one semester will make Scherer twice as busy with a production almost every day. From the soccer and football teams sharing Houck Stadium to the gymnastics and volleyball teams sharing Houck Field House, scheduling will be tricky for the productions.

“I told the staff that I understand if they need more time off for classes or if they’re just getting burnt out,” Scherer said. “But I think once we know what the spring schedule looks like, I’ll be able to put a plan into place.”

If a production passes Scherer’s standards and is approved by some of his friends and colleagues in the industry, he submits them for awards.

“I self-grade every production we do and keep four or five of the best ones and submit them for awards,” Scherer said. “It also depends on money; the awards cost around $100 to submit, so that is a factor, too, but usually, it’s just based on what I think is the best production.”

The Redhawks’ sports teams are looking to continue their winning ways this winter and spring. Thanks to Anthony Scherer’s hard work and dedication to SEMO sports, viewers can tune into ESPN+ and enjoy all the sports Southeast has to offer.