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River Campus hosts Fall For Dance 2020

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Southeast students from the Jeanine Larson Dobbins Conservatory of Theatre and Dance presented their skills in a multitude of dance styles at the annual Fall For Dance production at the River Campus. The event kicked off Nov. 19 and ran through Nov. 22.

The showcase consisted of two acts made up of five pieces each. The show displayed a variety of dance styles from contemporary pieces to ballet to an exhilarating aerial performance.

Many students from Southeast also worked on the show’s design as members of the production staff. The technical crew designed background images and lighting effects that complemented the pieces on the stage. The dancers’ costumes were meant to explain the feeling and emotion each piece presented. In “I See Red,” an original contemporary piece, for example, the background was a bright, fiery red, and the dancers wore black and red costumes to further express the emotion.

Throughout the show, the audience's energy was electric, waiting for the next performance. After every piece, the audience yelled and clapped to show their support. Natalie Augustyn, a sophomore at Southeast, said the show amazed her.

“This was my first Fall For Dance event, and I can’t even begin to express how amazing it was. All the dancers are so talented, and seeing them perform their craft was an extraordinary experience,” Augustyn said. “I can’t wait to come and watch more of these events.”

Auditions for Fall For Dance took place in mid-August, and the dancers have been working hard ever since, practicing more than three times a week.

Junior Southeast Dance Student and Performer Lauren Mers said she rehearsed “day and night” because she believed this year's performance would be more difficult than others.

“This year has been such a crazy year because of the pandemic and everything else going on,” Mers said. “It’s been way more challenging because of the regulations, but I’m so thankful that we got to perform and even more excited that it went well.”

Fall for Dance was the last dance event for the semester. The dance students will return in January to perform a new show called “Revenge of the Space Pandas.” The upcoming event will be held at the Bedell Performance Hall at Southeast River Campus Jan. 27-31.