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Column: Fashion hacks for a killer DIY photoshoot

Saturday, March 6, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

Sooooooo, maybe your Insta has been looking a little drab lately. No shame in admitting it ó Iíve been there! Sometimes, the best remedy for a tired feed is switching things up.

Snapping some pics with friends helps to add some spice to your chicken-and-rice-only-Chipotle-bowl Insta grid.

The first course of action in your road to Insta fame? Have a plan! If you donít know where to start, my good pal M breaks it down for you in her latest column.

Planning your outfits takes a bit of creativity. When choosing what to wear, Iíd recommend bold patterns and colors. This is your time to shine, so totally own your look! Be careful, though: as weíve discussed in my media content creation classes, stripes donít do well on camera.

If youíre a person who wears makeup, be sure to test it in the correct lighting! When taking outdoor photos, try doing your makeup outside. It feels a little silly, but sitting under harsh indoor lighting can make your look appear more dramatic.

A quick Pinterest search is always recommended when youíre wanting new, fun looks! For a photoshoot, Iíd recommend trying a new aesthetic ó itís always fun to play dress up! Searching for a little something different can push you out of your comfort zone and create some killer photos.

Finding new ways to rewear the clothes in your closet is the name of the game. It makes for unique, eye-catching photos thatíll get soooo many likes.

Thatís it for now! Get out there, take some photos and tag me on Twitter @nbakerARROW!