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Column: 2020 has done enough, please don’t bring back low-rise jeans

Friday, March 26, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

Hi, besties! Any other 2000s babies out there?

I was born at that exact year, which means I’m too old to remember anything before Britney Spears took over the world but also definitely used dial-up internet at one point. Bzzzzzzz.

If you’re keeping up with the fashion side of Insta, you might’ve noticed the takeover of baby tees, sweatsuit sets and other relics from those early years of this century. They’re cute, quirky, a little outdated — but still, on celebs like Bella Hadid, they look fab.

I think there’s a few issues with early-2000s throwbacks, though. I was recently reading an In the Know article by Kelsey Weekman about the inherent body-shaming that comes with much of the era’s styles. Remember low-rise jeans? And baby tees?

Basically, a lot of trends revolved around being extremely thin. I don’t know about you, but those low-rise jeans don’t make me feel the best. I’ll be keeping my high-waisted mom jeans, thankssss.

Looking back at the 2000s, it’s not all bad, though! There are still lots of trends I love and that are inclusive to all body types.

My fave throwbacks: butterfly clips, lettuce sleeve tops and matching sets. They’re all a bit more sweet and feminine than my usual style, but I’ve got a few hacks to make these trends more wearable.

Butterfly clips are like the real-life Snapchat filter, and super super adorable. Create some contrast in your ‘fit by incorporating the super-sweet accessories with a monochromatic neutral outfit. Think: ripped black skinny jeans, black turtleneck and sparkly gold clips in your hair. Adorbs!

BRB, texting my mom to see if we have any of my early-2000s hair accessories in storage.

Lettuce edge tops are those shirts with the wavy edges at the sleeve and/or the collar. They’re a bit hard to describe, so I’ll give you a minute to Google them. Got the idea? Great! I’d recommend styling them with light-wash ripped mom jeans. That particular style of pants plays into the soft side of lettuce-edge tops without looking like the visual representation of Willy Wonka’s factory. Read: too sweet.

Last but not least: matching sets. I don’t know about you, but I always associate the phrase with the picture of Paris Hilton in her pink Juicy set, talking on an archaic cell phone about whatever we discussed in the Before times.

Today, you’ll want to spice things up a little. One of my fave outfit trends right now is the matching skirt and top set. There was recently a Wild Fable set at Target that featured a matching knit tank top and mini skirt. Shut up. Just take my money. To create more balance in this ‘fit, try pairing it with some chunky white sneakers. Or, you could embrace the cuteness and add some delicate heels. I wouldn’t be mad!

What are your fave (and most hated) trends from the early 2000s? Tweet me at @nbakerARROW!