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Lemons can make more than lemonade

Friday, September 24, 2021
Gamma Sigma Sigma members Katie Philips, Victoria Kuhlman, Lizzie Bauman and Kaelyn Rubach share the story of Alex’s Lemonade Stand with graduate student Shannon Washington in the UC 3rd floor lobby Sept. 15. Washington had her own booth set up across the lobby, but the lemonade stand theme prompted her to stop by to learn more.
Photo by Olivia Tock

When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade, and use it to spread awareness and raise money toward childhood cancer research. That’s what Gamma Sigma Sigma did this past Wednesday.

From Noon to 2 p.m. Sept. 15, Gamma Sigma Sigma (GSS), a service sorority, spoke to SEMO students about Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to raise awareness about the organization.

This foundation was created by Alexandra “Alex” Scott, a child who passed away from cancer in 2004. According to the website, Alex started raising money and spreading awareness about childhood cancer with her first lemonade stand when she was four years old. Since then, organizations like GSS set up their own lemonade stands across the country to continue Alex’s legacy.

Vice President of Gamma Sigma Sigma and senior Victoria Kuhlman explained Alex’s Lemonade Stand and GSS are national partners, and the sorority hosts this event three to four times a semester.

“So pretty much, we've been doing it since I rushed — so when I was a sophomore — to raise awareness towards childhood cancer, and we raise donations to help families in need when their child has cancer,” Kuhlman said.

GSS President and senior Amanda Morris said COVID-19 affected the preparation for the event this year.

“We're doing it a little differently, just to make sure that we are staying safe and keeping everybody that attends our event safe,” Morris said. “So, right now, we have water bottles with lemonade packets and with little squares of information about Alex's Lemonade Stand and about us. We talk about the program and its initiatives, what it goes towards, and we give them free lemonade. It’s a big draw.”

Last semester, GSS raised approximately $400, but Morris and Kuhlman said any amount of monetary donation helps.

To make a donation or learn more about GSS, visit their website.