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Creating a community outlet — Crisp Museum holds Family Lego Day

Monday, November 15, 2021
Scooby Doo Lego set created by Manager and Senior Curator Jim Phillips.
Photo by Jowairia Khalid

Crunch, crunch, pop, ka-CHUNK!

Those were just a few sounds attendees heard on Family Lego Day Saturday, Nov. 13, at Crisp Museum. The event was for all ages and featured 11 different stations, a scavenger hunt and a screening of “The Lego Movie.”

The stations included creating Lego masks, making a mosaic, painting with Legos, a Lego challenge station, Lego Minecraft, a Tower challenge and coloring stations.

Outreach specialist Gary Tyler said Family Lego Day was a way to educate students and the community about the museum.

“We want to show that we are part of the community and to encourage people to come and see that we do have a museum here and that [the museum] changes all the time. A lot of people and students do not know that there is a museum on the River Campus,” Tyler said.

In the scavenger hunt, participants went around Crisp Museum’s history gallery and tried to find the 30 hidden Lego sets in the glass displays.

To set up events like Family Lego Day, it takes Tyler and volunteers a week to set up.

When participants came, their names were entered into a door prize drawing to win Lego sets.

Crisp Museum volunteer Rebecca Byington said Family Lego Day is a good outlet for the community.

“Family Lego Day is a creative and fun day, even if they don’t win the door prizes. It helps people connect to the museum,” Byington said.

To keep exhibits like Family Lego Day accessible to the community, Tyler said they reuse many of the items they bought in previous years.

Manager and senior curator of Crisp Museum Jim Phillps said Family Lego Day is the right balance between education and fun.

“It’s a great way to take up a challenge for college students and adults to be competitive and outdo one another. We want people to come to the museum to have fun, learn and relax,” Phillips said. “We want the kids to be kids and let the adult kids interact with their families.”

Crisp Museum’s next big event is Holiday Cardmaking Nov. 20.

For more information on upcoming events at Crisp Museum, visit their website.