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Nov. 17 - 23 Arrow-scopes

Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Graphic by Kailyn Veach

This week is extra exciting for two reasons ó first, thereís a near-total lunar eclipse Nov. 19, and second, Sagittarius season starts Nov. 22 (shoutout to my fellow Sagittarians!). Check out your horoscopes for this week below! Also, click the link on your sign for an Arrow story you should read based on your sign!

Eclipses are best for starting new cycles and cleansing yourself of energy that doesnít serve you. This upcoming lunar eclipse will be almost completely full, and its peak will last for more than three hours, making it the longest-lasting eclipse in almost 600 years. If youíre looking for it, set those alarms early and look in the low western sky. Cape and the rest of the contiguous U.S. is in the direct path of the eclipse, meaning weíre in the best place to see it. But with clouds in our area likely throughout Thursday and Friday, thereís a chance our view of the spectacle could be blocked.

Aries, youíve been working so hard, and itís finally paying off! Youíre going to see the fruits of your labor coming in this week. You may feel a little dull or unmotivated afterward, but try to push through it.

Taurus, youíre a sign hit hardest by this eclipse. You may feel pushed out of your comfort zone and feel like youíre searching for a sense of security. Brace yourself for unexpected changes.

Gemini, this week, try to be delicate in conversations with loved ones. Donít let your ego get the best of you.

Cancer, your emotions may be feeling a little *spicy* right now, but try not to take that out on the people around you. In difficult conversations, especially with significant others, take a second to breathe before letting your patience run out.

Leo, this eclipse may have you feeling majorly emotionally drained. But focus on your goals, practice patience and be confident in your abilities to regain that fiery strength youíre known for.

Virgo, life feels BUSY right now. But the work youíre putting in is about to pay off! High creativity, success in your professional life, good relationships with loved ones ó you name it, Virgo has it this week.

Libra, in the words of RuPaul, you better work. Work life is going to be full of successes, but donít let that ego boost bleed into your personal life as arrogance.

Scorpio, like Taurus, youíre going to be heavily affected by this eclipse. Youíre facing a lot of changes and struggles this week. This is a good time to focus on yourself and practice self-care.

Sagittarius, this week transitions into your season! But donít get ahead of yourself. This week is going to leave you feeling drained. Work is going to be heavy, and you may be taking on added responsibilities. Donít forget to take time for yourself and your needs outside of your professional life.

Capricorn, this week means work life success for you! You may walk into new opportunities and increased flow of income. Donít forget about yourself during this influx of career success, though.

Aquarius, be wary of your temper this week. That frustration youíre feeling is ready to dissipate into healthy, wealthy energy if you let it!

Pisces, life feels like a lot right now, but be patient. Life is about to pick you up out of that slump youíve felt stuck in. Make plans for your education and professional life.