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Arrow-scopes Dec. 1 - 7

Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Graphic by Kailyn Veach

Welcome back! The season of the Archer is in full swing post-holiday break, and with a full solar eclipse this week, there is a lot going on in the planets.

The full solar eclipse will occur Dec. 4, and although it wonít be visible in North America, you may still feel the effects through the week. Mutable signs ó Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces ó will have this eclipseís spotlight on them. Be ready for change, and embrace the unexpected.

Aries, itís been a knock-down, drag-out kind of time for you lately, and it may seem like all your plans are falling apart. But take comfort in knowing the losses youíve faced recently will only leave whatís important for you moving forward.

Taurus, financial difficulty is easy to want to sweep under the rug, ďout-of-sight-out-of-mindĒ style. But this eclipse is the perfect opportunity to take charge and regain stability in your financial life ó you just need to face it head-on.

Gemini, relationships are hard, as youíve noticed recently. This eclipse will finally close the chapter of loss youíve been experiencing and make way for new relationship opportunities and stability.

Cancer, this eclipse almost certainly spells burnout for you. Remember a rise-and-grind lifestyle can be rewarding, but the fruits of your labor canít be enjoyed if you donít take the time to care for yourself.

Leo, if youíve been feeling stunted in the relationship or creativity fields recently, good news! Itís finally time for you to break through the barriers youíve faced and pursue your endeavors fully.

Virgo, you may have been feeling like you just canít settle down ó thereís always something that needs done. Itís exhausting, but youíre in the home stretch. Relief is coming.

Libra, if youíve been feeling like your life is Grand Central Station ó always moving, always changing ó take a breath. Remember you canít fit everything into one day, and this eclipse will bring some clarity to whatís really important.

Scorpio, in short, donít be afraid to ask for what you deserve. Itís not selfish to care about yourself, and self-care is medicine.

Sagittarius, this eclipse is in your sign, and itís the last there until 2029, so say goodbye to the last of your main-character-in-a-horror-movie moments. Youíve made it through all the trials youíve faced, but donít forget to shout out your support systems for keeping you afloat.

Capricorn, youíve been doing a LOT behind the scenes, and you may feel like your hard work is going unnoticed. But donít worry, you wonít be in the dark forever. Take time for yourself, and be patient.

Aquarius, itís quality over quantity for you. You may have watched people walk out of your life you thought would be there forever, but youíve been left with authenticity in your social circle.

Pisces, this eclipse is bringing you professional clarity. Itís time to set priorities and achievable goals ó slow growth is still growth.