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Arrow-scopes Dec. 8 - 14

Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Graphic created by Kailyn Veach

Grab a mirror, friends, because this week is all about reflection. Self-reflection ó reflecting on relationships, jobs, even the way you move through the world ó is front and center as Venus moves into Capricorn. Venus is not only the planet of love, but also of unity and harmony. While in the notoriously-disciplined and practical Capricorn, Venus plays no games.

Venus will hang out retrograde in Capricorn until the end of January 2022, so this energy will last well into the New Year. If relationship roadblocks or thoughts of long-term commitments seem top-of-mind, Venusí stay in the earth sign could be the culprit.

How will this week pan out for your sign? Take a look below!

Aries, when everyone around you is talking, who do you listen to? This week asks you to listen to that voice in your head. You have the power to take charge in your life and career, and while asking others for advice can be helpful, only you know where you want to go.

Taurus, a healthy reminder that no relationship is too small to be significant. Whether itís a significant other, family member, friend, pet or plant, now is the time to relish in the love you have around you.

Gemini, the downfall of relationships is inner turmoil, and that is all-too-true for you right now. If youíve been noticing increased tension in your relationships, take some time to reflect on yourself. Be kind to yourself and make moves to heal the parts of you that project onto others.

Cancer, you get a bad rep for being the ďcrybabyĒ sign, but thatís not all youíre about! Itís time for you to take charge and liberate yourself from the role youíve assumed in your life ó ďmom friendĒ title comes to mind ó if it no longer suits you, and choose a life that makes you feel like you.

Leo, youíre making big moves for either your inner self or your future, and thatís great! But while it can feel natural to keep walls up to protect this side of you, locking out those who want to support you wonít help you in the long-run. Itís OK to let people in, even when you feel vulnerable.

Virgo, trusting your gut can feel like youíre sitting in the middle of a call center. But honing your intuition means to listen for the ring from inside the house. You know what you want, youíve done your manifestations, itís time now to be patient and wait for the right call.

Libra, this week, Venus is taking a stroll through Capricorn, and your ruling planet has something to say. Itís time to show up, do the work and put in the hours to get what you want. Knowing what you want to do is not the same as doing it.

Scorpio, it may seem like life has been lesson after lesson recently. But while that uphill battle feels overwhelming, itís bringing to light all the things out of your control. Some things do happen for your own good, and this learning session has given you the clarity to decide what stays and what is better to let go of.

Sagittarius, the eclipse might be over, but that energy is far from gone. If lifeís struggles have felt particularly personal in the past week, donít worry. While these trials may feel uncomfortable or like you werenít ready to face the realities at hand, you have the opportunity to make your own way. Trust yourself.

Capricorn, Venus is coming to hang out retrograde in your sign for Ö a while. Get ready to confront the motives and intentions of those in your inner circle. This is the time to figure out what youíll accept and what youíll refuse.

Aquarius, when Mars and Jupiter square Dec. 8, Jupiterís expansive energy is going to feel directed straight at you. But if youíre feeling like itís hard to differentiate between a gut reaction and fear of othersí perceptions, thatís a sign itís OK to slow down. Thereís no need to beat your chest to prove youíre strong enough ó sometimes the strength is in walking away.

Pisces, youíve been doing your manifesting, asking for signs, etc., but you still donít feel like anything is coming through. Itís time to take a step back, recognize the answers may not be the ones you are waiting for (or want) and separate yourself from the big picture. You might be standing in your own way.