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Arrow-scopes Feb. 16 - 23

Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Graphic by Kailyn Veach

Itís full moon time! This full moon is a very special one. Itís the snow moon, and itís in Leo! This lunation will affect every sign, but to my Leos and Aquariusí, she is coming for you. Because the moon is in Leo and sits opposite Aquarius, weíll be forced to look at whatís best for our community and whatís best for ourselves, all while feeling empowered, optimistic and Ö spicy.

What does this week have in store for you?

Aries, Valentineís day may be over, but those lovey-dovey vibes are not. This full moon lights up your fifth house of romance, and showing your truest heartfelt feelings is front-of-mind for you. Youíll also find luck in your career this week!

Taurus, this full moon opens the door on your fourth house of home life. Time to take charge of your work-life balance! For your love life, this may be the time to do something a little out of your comfort zone.

Gemini, communication is a must this week. From coworkers to significant others, communicating efficiently and effectively is going to be your game. Remember to take care of yourself despite all the heart-to-hearts. The Venus-Mars conjunction lights up your eighth house of intimacy, so look out for a deeper connection with a special person.

Cancer, in the words of RuPaul, you better work! This full moon highlights your second house of income, so focus on how to feel more valued in your work. The Venus-Mars conjunction could also have those close relationships feeling a bit closer than normal.

Leo, full moon in your sign? Thatís a big deal for Leo. This lunation may feel dramatic, emotional and passionate as you end a chapter to begin the next. Be ready to set up boundaries to protect you and your well-being.

Virgo, in true Virgo fashion, itís planning time! Rest, recharge and map out the steps to achieve your goals and dreams. But donít forget to make your own pleasure and happiness a priority as well.

Libra, youíre normally the love-focused sign, but not this week. Your big focus now is on friendships and platonic bonds. Find ways to protect your tranquility while feeling like part of the team.

Scorpio, in your work life, youíre in the spotlight this week. Youíre due for recognition of your hard work, and itís finally coming your way. Itís time to speak your truthópeople are listening.

Sagittarius, itís not unlike you to crave new experiences, but with the full moon in your ninth house of adventure, that urge is stronger than ever this week. Take that leap of faith you feel tugging at you. Who knows? Maybe being your truest Sag self will lead to a new financial track.

Capricorn, itís time for you to dig deep and share your vulnerability with someone special. Youíre feeling confident and ready to be bold. Use that energy to show your emotional and physical needs with those who care about you.

Aquarius, your partnerships and close bonds are front and center this week. Reflect on what you need and what youíre willing to compromise on. Remember, being true to yourself, even when youíre working with others, is a priority.

Pisces, feeling a little blah in your day-to-day life? Time to make a change! Take care of yourself, and donít be afraid to lean on your friends and colleagues. Your close circle can be your biggest source of inspiration and support.