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Happy sad or sad happy — you tell me!

Thursday, March 31, 2022
Graphic by Emma Kratky

Alright — we all love listening to music when we're sad. Or, at least I do. But do you listen to happy music or sad music?

I feel like this question isn’t talked about enough.

Yes you're sad, but do you really feel up to listening to happy, upbeat music? At the same time, will sad, melancholy music just make you feel worse?

Personally, sad music when you're, well, sad, seems right to me.

Trying to listen to Katy Perry while your crying is almost like a new form of torture.

But for some people I’ve met, they say the only way they can feel better is if they get their mind off being sad. Cheerful music is often a quick remedy for that problem.

However, I just can’t agree! It almost feels as if you're faking being happy if you listen to super upbeat music. Imagine listening to something like, well, “Happy” by Pharell Williams when you're depressed….

To test this theory, I made a playlist for this week that is half happy, half sad. Listen to both halves of the playlist when you're sad (sorry that you're upset :( btw) — and then tell me what you think helped you the most!

I need to know the consensus on this topic…

As always, if you want to send me suggestions for next week’s playlist or a genre to listen to in general, message me at @emmakarrow.

Note: Short column this week, but I’m in California currently! Any good suggestions on the music culture for this state? I’d love to write about it. :)