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SEMO Greek Week is approaching and preparation is underway

Friday, March 24, 2023
Graphic by Izzy Mostek

SEMO Greek Week is only three weeks away and is anticipated by the Cape Girardeau community. Sororities and fraternities are working on preparations for events such as Greek Games, Red Cross Blood Drive, Shiver and Slide, Lip Sync Battle and Greek Sing.

Greek Week is an annual tradition meant to be a chance for fraternities and sororities to celebrate being a part of Greek Life.

Organizations engage in Greek Week by participating in friendly competitions and showcasing community service by raising money for local nonprofit organizations.

Associate vice principal of student life Bruce Skinner said, “Greek week is not unique to Southeast, I can say with confidence it's been happening at Southeast for at least 30 years.”

Sororities and fraternities are paired up and work together to raise money for the nonprofit organization they are with through events and fundraisers. This year's Greek Week is taking place April 16 to 22 with the theme “Disney+,” Skinner said.

Greek Week also gives students a chance to use their organizational skills and strong work ethics to put on these events. Skinner said Greek Week gives SEMO students the room to organize all of their events. Greek Week is not put on by the university, so students elect their own leaders, organize their own events, as well as make contact with the nonprofits in the community.

Graduate assistant in the office of Greek Life Nic Feltz said, “Greek Week is important for campus involvement, you start to see bonds between the two or three organizations paired together.”

“It gives students a part of a smaller community the ability to connect with Cape Girardeau community members,” Feltz said.

Alexis Hutson co-director of Greek Week said, “While it is playful competitiveness, the main goal really is to help raise money and awareness and bring a social light to the different types of nonprofits within the Cape Girardeau community and American Red Cross.”

President of Southeast Missouri State Delta Chi Chapter Tyler Theis said building relationships between different chapters on campus is a big element that comes out of Greek Week.

“It is really nice to do more than just your own philanthropy and raise money for other people as well, also it is a great way to form Greek connections and to get to know other chapters and kind of unify the Greek system here,” Theis said.

Individuals not affiliated in Greek Life are encouraged by Greek Week organizers to attend Greek Week events.

“If you're outside the Greek system and you want to get involved, this is not a closed off thing. If you can get out there and you can enjoy this as much as we do, definitely take the opportunity to do that,” Theis said.