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SEMO student DeAndre Scott ventures "out of this world" with new fashion brand

Sunday, April 9, 2023
Scott sits alongside his beanies and a new shirt project that he is working on. Scott has been exploring new garments to design to build his portfolio. Scott wants his portfolio to express his originality and his ambition in starting his own brand.
Photo by Emily Barkhurst

Sophomore fashion marketing major DeAndre Scott has created an interstellar brand that gives people the chance to literally put their head in the stars. Scott’s brand, “Different PLNT,” currently features beanies that have their own personal touch and connection to the solar system.

“A lot of my inspiration comes from the globe; I like the way it looks with the grid lines,” Scott said. “I wanted to make something that I would wear myself. It has to be you; if you wouldn't even wear it, then it's not gonna work.”

Scott launched production on “Different PLNT,” also called DP Studios, in December 2022. “Different PLNT” is not Scott’s first attempt at starting his own brand, but this has been his most successful attempt so far. Scott’s first brand venture was during his time in highschool. However, instead of beanies he tried his hand at shirt designs. Unfortunately this attempt was unsuccessful and didn’t take off.

Scott’s interest in fashion began in high school where he had to display his personal style while wearing a uniform. By adding various accessories or finding ways to layer his clothes he expressed his individuality. His interest in fashion continued to flourish when he arrived at SEMO.

Scott after arriving joined the Fashion Society on campus and was recently elected president. Scott’s intention in becoming president was that he wanted to grow the organization to see what it could become.

Fashion Society adviser H.J. Cho saw Scott’s potential and his love for fashion.

“I very much admired his leadership in the Fashion Society,” Cho said. “He is a great example for entrepreneurship in fashion, and he was diligent with his interests. I was surprised he volunteered, but then showed great leadership in his activities and involvement.”

Sophomore biochemistry major Hailey Murphy is Scott’s close friend. Murphy has also modeled for Scott’s brand in various posts and outreach. Murphy said Scott started his brand spontaneously.

“I think it’s very cool and actually very on-brand for him to start his own brand,” Murphy said. “I’m proud of him, and I like seeing that he is pursuing his brand and everything.”

For those who want to start their own brand, Scott said networking and reaching out is important.

“I want to stress the importance of networking. I'm very introverted, but you're not gonna sell anything if you don't get your name out there,” Scott said. “If you don't talk about it, nobody else will.”

Scott has future plans to introduce new products into his growing brand, including shirts and personalized pants designs. Scott has created a website for his brand, his products can be found at Scott has also created an Instagram account for his brand, it can be found under @differentplntstudios.