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SGA approves $147,000 in budget funding

Tuesday, April 18, 2023
The University Center Ballroom is empty before the senate assembles to discuss Funding Board budget approvals on April 17.
Photo by Mattea DeClue

The Student Government Association (SGA) came together to vote on budgets for the 23/24 school year and recognized their Senator of the Month.

Student Activities Council representative Julia Vogt was recognized as Senator of the month for March.

Student Activities Council (SAC) requested $115,000 from the FY23-24 Student Government Budget for the 2023/24 school year. SAC is predicted to have more members in the coming year and have more manpower for their future endeavors as they rebuild their organization from the aftermath of COVID-19.

This budget was approved.

The Funding Board was approached by SEMO Club Sports for the approval of their $20,000 budget from the FY23-24 Student Government Budget. This is an increase of $500 from their previous budget, and will be allocated for the renovation of some racquetball courts to be made into strength training areas.

SEMO Club Sports was approved for their request.

The Homecoming Committee came to the Funding Board for approval of their $12,000 budget for the 23/24 school year, a $3,000 increase from last year’s $9,000 budget. This increase was justified for the goal of making the 150th Homecoming celebration “the biggest the committee can make it,” said Holland College of Arts and Media Senator Madison Abanathie.

The budget was approved by the Funding Board.