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Swinging into a review of Across the Spider-verse

Tuesday, September 12, 2023
Graphic by Emma Kratky

People say a good sequel is harder to do after a fantastic original. Still, Spiderman has enough power to break down that wall, as Across the Spider-Verse is genuinely spectacular. Into the Spider-verse has left a mark on spidey lovers worldwide, but Across the Spider-verse has made that love spread across their bodies like spider venom.

We follow Miles’s story from the first movie and his adjustments to being Spiderman while balancing family, friends, and a new villain. Miles has to learn that being a web-slinging superhero is more than catching bad guys and doing cool tricks; it’s about responsibility and protecting the people around you, even when trust is broken. Warning: Spoilers are swinging at you!

The movie opens with introducing Gwen and her color design. As the colors meld together, it reveals how Gwen’s origin is connected to her existence as Spiderwoman. We shift to Miles enjoying being the friendly neighborhood Spiderman and trying to get his life in order when a new villain appears: The Spot, who turns out to be a scientist from the first movie whom Miles hit with a bagel.

He seems like one of those one-off villains people never take seriously, but little did their spider senses know he would become a threat the multiverse never expected. Miles has to team up with multiple spiders to find and defeat the Spot, but he may be in over his head after he meets Spiderman 2099, Miguel O’Hara.

Miguel is furious at Miles when stops a canon event, an event that connects the history of all the Spider people. After Spot threatens to take everything from Miles, Miles is faced with an impossible task: Save multiple words by not breaking the canon, or save his dad and risk a catastrophe on a multiversal scale.

Everything from the visuals, the beautiful effects, the character designs, and the blending between reality and animation are just a few things that make this movie an actual work of art. The voice actors and actresses like Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld, Oscar Issac, Karen Soni, Issa Rae, and many more of the wonderfully talented crew helped make this movie.

It is a true joy for comic book fans, and even if you are not the most significant comic book, the alluring animation and style of the movie are bound to capture your attention.

We are making it out of the Spider-Verse with this one!