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'More Than' Arrow special report scheduled to release Dec. 6

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Members of the MC 429 Media Management course along with many Arrow staff members have spent the last several months working on a special investigative report that looks at the Americans with Disabilities Act compliance on campus and gives firsthand accounts of living with a disability at Southeast.

The series was initially set to release on Nov. 15 but will now run in print on Dec. 6 instead. The decision to postpone the release date for the eight-page special report was made to ensure our readers get the best content possible.

When the series publishes in December, students will be able to read features on their fellow classmates who live with disabilities on campus.

Students will also get a glimpse of how well the university complies with ADA regulations, see the level of difficulty that exists for students living with disabilities to get around on campus and develop a better understanding of what it means to have a disability.

Many of the names in the series will be familiar to students and some wonít be at all. Some of the students who sit right beside you in class deal with everyday challenges that you very well may know nothing about.

Their stories matter. We are all Redhawks. We all share this campus, these halls and sidewalks.

But while we may sit in the same classes, our journeys to get there may look vastly different. This report looks at those differences and why they matter to students who they affect.

The Arrow takes seriously its responsibility to tell the stories of Southeast students. We are excited to shed light on an important topic and help bring awareness to challenges students face everyday in living with disabilities.

We canít wait for you to read the report and #SEMORE in December.