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SGA Update: March 26, 2018

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Guest speaker Susan Kendrick, Director for University Studies Program, spoke to Student Government Association about the changes coming to university studies requirements soon at their meeting March 26.

“Since we have such a huge university studies program, we didn’t want students to lose any credits,” Kendrick said. “So, what we did was keep the courses that we already have and put them into the five knowledge areas the state came up with.”

For example, a student is required to have seven credit hours in science, but students only receive three credits per class. To bridge the one-credit discrepancy, Kendrick said, they are striving to to provide some four-credit classes.

Students senators, Karma Alvey and Eli Bohnert introduced a resolution to protect the equality and integrity of all students. Secular identity, immigration status, gender expression, marital status, pregnancy and medical status all would be protected under this resolution.

Alvey said the resolution would ensure every student is protected. SGA passed the resolution.

Other resolutions discussed were funding requests for the International Student association and Phi Beta Alpha, and approval for Trumpet Guild of SEMO.

The International Student Association applied for funding to attend International Education Day on April 4 in Jefferson City. The request totaled $1,131.74 which would cover transportation, lodging and registration for the 12 students planning to attend. SGA passed the resolution.

Phi Beta Lambda requested funding to attend the State Leadership Conference on April 7 in Springfield, Missouri. Skyler Ring, secretary for Phi Beta Lambda spoke about why the organization was requesting $1,431.

“This year we have been preparing for state and hopefully nationals as much as possible,” Ring said.

A vote approved providing funds to Phi Beta Lambda from the discretionary account.

The Trumpet guild of SEMO asked to be approved for the 2017-2018 academic year as an organization on campus, and SGA granted the request.

Candidates can no longer apply for the SGA election, which will take place on SE Link on April 4 and 5.