Southeast Missouri State University student publication

SGA Meeting: 2/11/19

Monday, February 18, 2019

The Student Government Association discussed budgeting for student raises for the Fiscal Year 2020, student safety, upcoming changes and additions on campus, homecoming 2019 budget and approved funding requests for three student organizations.

In his report, vice president Eli Bohnert said there will be a meeting with the Budget Review Committee on Friday, Feb. 22, about incorporating a minimum wage increase for student workers on campus to match that of the states in the FY2020 budget. He explained how although the government's minimum wage law does not apply to Southeast, some departments were able to raise their wages if they had enough funds.

In the campus safety report, Campus Safety Committee chair Grace Gryza spoke about a recent shuttle tour the Campus Safety committee took to observe what areas on campus may be in need of more lighting. Facilities Management was also on the shuttle ride and documented the areas the Campus Safety committee pointed out. On this shuttle ride, they also observed the areas students said they were worried about and took note to see how they could ease student’s minds.

The Campus Safety Committee will be inviting Department of Public Safety officers and Cape Girardeau Police Department form 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on April 3 in the University Center so students can become more familiar with the officers.

Faculty Representative to Student Government Jim McGill announced he is resigning from his position as the faculty representative after approximately six years of serving as a part of SGA but will remain a professor on campus.

Before leaving, McGill reminded the Senate although he is stepping down, he will always be a source when needed.

SGA also approved a total of $2,820 as well as the budget for homecoming 2019.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity was granted $320 for a conference later this year to help with team building, bonding, future event ideas and networking.

The United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) asked SGA for $2,500 for conference fees in Louisville, Kentucky.

The SGA executive board requested the Senate to agree to grant them $1,200 of the $2,500 the organization asked for. However, some members of the Senate felt they should have granted USITT more money. Those members expressed this organization makes a huge statement on the River Campus by helping with productions.

USITT added more members to their roster for this conference, and the amount granted was based on previous numbers. USITT was encouraged to come back with a new request with their updated numbers.

The Southeast Sundancers was granted $2,500 for hotel registration costs for a dance competition April 16 in Las Vegas.

“Through all of the dancing and community service they do for SEMO, competitions are a time when they can do something for themselves as a team,” Sundancer Rachel Kimminau said.

Senate then moved on to talk about the homecoming budget for 2019. Last year, the estimated budget for this annual event was approximately $8,600 but $10,400 was spent. This year, the request for the budget was raised to $9,000. Members from the Senate said Southeast has alumni who look forward to this event and the guests Southeast welcomes for homecoming benefit the economy in Cape Girardeau.

The Senate approved to raise the homecoming budget to $9,000 for next year.

The Student Government Association will be holding elections April 3 and 4 and the results will be will be announced April 5.