Southeast Missouri State University student publication

Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Southeast students had the opportunity to present their sculptures, paintings and drawings at the annual Juried Student Exhibition at Rosemary Berkel and Harry L. Crisp II Museum opened April 5.

This year’s exhibition is called “Exhibiting Excellence,”and showcases works created by the students over the past year. Awards are given to the students for their use of color, three-dimensional design, drawing, painting, fibers, graphic design, digital art, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture.

“I like to support the art students as I was an art major for a semester,” sophomore Lauren Eaton said. “I really like to see what they have.”

Junior Taylor Just added that having student exhibitions is what sets Southeast apart from other schools.

“Our campus is so unique because of the support we show our art students,” Just said. “I like that you can walk around campus and see their work.”

Anna Roungon is a sophomore at Southeast and submitted “Serenity” on behalf of her Painting 1 class. Serenity is a black and white image of a teapot and mugs. Roungon spoke about different projects her professor, Justin Miller, set up and how she was challenged by this still life because of the different colors and reflections on the piece.

“My favorite part of the process is putting in all of the fine details at the end,” Roungon said. “I love being able to make it look realistic by adding all of the subtle touches.”

This year’s exhibition will be available to the public at Rosemary Berkel and Harry L. Crisp II Museum until April 21. For more information, check out