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Question and answer with Kylie Noe, Student Government Association treasurer candidate for ‘A Vision Forward’

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Kylie Noe

Why are you interested in running for your position?

So for my sorority, I've had a couple positions that had to do with finance and I used to be really involved with student government in high school, but never really went forward in college. And so I'm really interested in Student Government and I'm really interested in anything that has to do with finance. So it's kind of like a two-in-one for me, so I just decided it’'s something that I'd be interested in.

If elected, what are some things you hope to accomplish?

So a couple of new things would be I would reach out to all the student organizations, and just be super transparent as far as budgeting and letting them know what [resources] they have at their disposal. So they know what the potential for all their clubs could be with financing. It's really basic, but like organization and just making everything super easily accessible.

What do you want the general student body to know about Student Government?

Before I got involved, I didn't really know anything that Student Government did. So I guess I just want to kind of advertise all the different opportunities that Student Government gives students because I've known about them but I never knew that Student Government was the reason that a lot of things happen. So just making that more accessible so people know Student Government is putting on this event or something like that, because I didn't really know that Student Government was the one in charge of those different things.

How are you attracting attention to Student Government elections as a whole?

We have been using social media a lot and trying to keep our social media pages up to date, and posting different things daily. We've also been following as many people as we can and on Instagram we post Question and Answer things on our story, so that if people have questions about our initiatives or something, it's kind of like an interactive thing.

Do you think this will impact the number of students who are going to vote?

I do think that it has impacted that. I think it will probably be a little lower than what it would have been, initially, just because I know all of us had different campaign events scheduled for when we are planning on going back to school for spring break. So I do think that will affect it, but hopefully there's still a really good turnout.

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