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Skinny jeans are cancelled

Friday, September 11, 2020
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

ďBig shirt, little pantsĒ was a lie told to keep us in skinny jeans jail.

I said what I said.

But honestly, though ó would you rather feel constricted in those skin-tight jeggings circa early-2010s or happily walk through the world in loose-fitting jeans?

If you havenít gotten wrapped up in the world of Internet fashion, you might not have heard the phrase ďbig pants, little shirt.Ē Iím guilty of diving headfirst into social media fashion rabbit holes, so Iíll break it down for you.

Itís quite simple: this cute little phrase refers to the ratio of your outfitís shirt to whatever bottoms you might be wearing. So, a sweatshirt and leggings? Big shirt, little pants. What about a tank top and mom jeans? Thatís classified as big pants, little shirt.

Easy, right?

I have absolutely no beef with a leggings outfit. Leggings are precious and comfortable and should be protected. Iím referring to tight, uncomfortable, jump-to-put-on skinny jeans.

Donít even get me started on the Spandex-to-cotton ratio on those ultra-skinny pants. A good rule of thumb: the higher the cotton content, the longer the pants can last. While it isnít as flexible or form-fitting, high cotton content clothing tends to be more durable in the long-run. Ever wear a hole in your favorite pair of jeans? That might be due to a higher blend of elastic.

If thereís anything Iíve learned in my fashion classes at Southeast, itís that fabric is everything when it comes to clothing quality.

If youíre in search of your next pair of ďbig pants,Ē my advice is simple: know your waist measurements. A looser-fitting jean only needs to properly fit in the waist; everywhere else should have more room. Sometimes, itís helpful to choose a pair thatís one or two sizes larger than normal ó I love my Leviís 721s, which are a skinny jean I turned ďbig pantsĒ by sizing up and adding a belt.

As for the ďlittle shirtĒ part of the equation, there are endless possibilities. T-shirts, tank tops and crop tops can all fit the look. Sometimes the day just calls for a ďbig shirt, big pantsĒ combo ó and thatís totally OK!

A good skinny jean pairs perfectly with an outfit every once in a while. But seven days a week? Itís a no for me. Say it with me: big! pants! little! shirt!

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