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Column: Let’s chat Academy Awards

Friday, April 30, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

For someone who never watches sports, red carpets at award shows are aaaaaaalmost like my Super Bowl.

The commercials aren’t as fun, but I can guarantee there’s always gonna be snacks. Also? Award shows happen several times a year, unlike the annual Super Bowl. Take that, sports fans!

Sometimes the entire show is a teeny bit too time-consuming, so I’ll check out the online highlights after the fact. Scrolling through red carpet galleries is a sacred hobby for me, and I’ll be taking you along in evaluating celebs’ threads at the 2021 Academy Awards.

Psst! I’m scrolling through this gallery on Vogue’s website — follow along with me!

Our first celeb mention, Brad Pitt, is walking on thin ice over “basic” territory. His bland, unsalted tux is just … not it. The vertical pleats in his shirt are the only *almost* redeeming feature, but it’s still not spicy enough for me. Snooze!

Next up is Zendaya and her absolutely show-stopping dress. Remember when we discussed {} a few weeks ago? I wasn’t lying! I’m obsessed with the midriff cutout in this Valentino gown — it fits perfectly with the garment’s full length. The “Euphoria” star looks stunning, as always.

Leslie Odom Jr. demonstrates how to do menswear — take notes, Brad buddy! He wore this unique all-gold suit, perfectly complemented by glossy black shoes. The almost-matte quality of the suit versus the mega-shine of his footwear pairs perfectly! Alsoooo, his Cartier bling totally ties the whole look together.

Louis Vuitton created a dream in the form of Regina King’s gown. It’s absolutely beautiful and reminiscent of the 2018 Met Gala’s “Heavenly Bodies” theme. I believe the fabric is satin — but I could totes be wrong. Whatever material it is, it’s perfect! She accents the soft dress with a blunt, jawline-length bob. Gorgeous!

H.E.R. completely stole the show. I have no words. The sheer floral electric blue fabric draped elegantly across her body, complementing her side braid that flowed in a similar way. She practically invented the word “fierce.” The tinted sunnies complete the whole look in an ~effortlessly cool~ sorta way.

There are lots more looks from the event last week, but that’s all we’ve got time for today! Drop your hot take on red carpet fashion in my Twitter replies at @nbakerARROW.