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Column: A vaccinated girl summer

Friday, May 7, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

Say it with me: A Fauchi Ouchie now, Vaccinated Girl (or guy or nonbinary pal) Summer later.

AKA: being immunized against COVID-19 increases your chances of being safer and having a blast during the warm months. And this relates to fashion how?

In the past, fashion trends have closely followed the country’s social and economic climate. We can chat alllllll the nerdy details about the lipstick effect or the changing hemlines in the 20th Century, but I know what you really came for: the outfit inspo!

Looking into my magic crystal ball (read: social media influencers’ accounts), I can see lots of fun, flirty trends in your future. As the situation with COVID-19 improves, people may feel comfortable going out more and so choose expressive prints, styles and colors to express that free-spirited feeling.

Think: the Roaring Twenties, without the Gatsby references.

Color blocking is a totally popping trend rn — don’t miss out! The ‘60’s-inspired style includes bright colors such as red orange, emerald green and true blue, blocked into definite shapes on clothing.

Play around with fabrics and patterns this summer. At Vintage ‘99’s fashion show in Cape this weekend, one of the male models wore a fab, sheer baby blue tee with a dreamy pattern. Layer this top over a full-coverage longline bralette or a tank top, and you’re ready to rock this summer.

Flared pants add a funky edge to any ‘fit. Try flared leggings (cough, yoga pants) or a denim material to add a little fun to this cool-weather outfit! When hot summer days turn into kinda-chilly nights, you’ll thank me.

Bubble braids are super fun — and super easy! Gigi Hadid was spotted in April with two face-framing bubble braids. Steal her look by gathering two sections of hair framing your face (you want to keep these sections pretty thin!). Place a small, clear elastic every one to two inches in the section, and carefully fluff out the hair between elastics to create a “bubble.” Too cute!

DMs are always open for outfit ideas and fashion tips — check me out at @nbakerARROW on Twitter!