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Faux leather, (faux)ever

Friday, October 8, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

Get your Pinterest accounts ready: Youíre gonna want to make an inspo board for this.

Brown leather pants are the beautiful autumn trend throwing it back to Ď90s supermodels. Theyíre classy and professional while still giving streetwear vibes. Translatation: You can wear them in the office while still getting allll the likes on Instagram.

The Ď90s were only 10 years ago, right? Um wait, 30 years?! Plz tell me Iím not the only one.

The pants range in hue from deep chocolate brown to more of a cinnamon and sandy tan. Iím personally in love with the more true-brown shades of these pants, but the possibilities are endless.

For this trend, reach for a faux or vegan leather bc we <3 our animal friends. Or donít! Iím not here to police your values or force mine upon you!

Surfing the web, Abercrombieís pair of brown vegan leather pants are nearly sold out on their website. Seriously: People are begging the brand to restock in the product reviews.

BRB, Iím sobbing over the $99 price tag. Nicolette can have a little bit of Ď90s style, as a treat?

You can also find a more affordable, flared version of the leather pants at Cider.

While theyíre cute as heck, never wear leather pants when itís uhhhh, over 75 degrees outside. Sweat and leather do! not! mix!

Anyone remember the scene in ďFriendsĒ where Ross gets stuck in the leather pants? And awkwardly takes them off and cannot get them back on? While Iíve got beef with the series over its transphobic and fatphobic punchlines, the scene is, uh, painfully accurate.

Youíve been warned! As we finallyyyyy transition to fall weather, though, I donít think thatíll be a problem.

How do you style leather pants? Tweet me your outfit inspo at @nbakerARROW! Next week, weíll be tackling the trendiest hair colors for fall. Stay tuned!