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2022 Arrow-scopes Preview

Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Graphic by Kailyn Veach

Welcome back, yíall! Letís take a moment to look ahead to see what your 2022 will look like.

Until May, Jupiter will spend time in Pisces and will transition into Aries afterward. This transit tells us to find luck in treating others with compassion and integrity. When it settles into Aries, Jupiterís energy gives us the power to overcome limitations ó both from others and ourselves.

The hardworking Saturn stays steady in Aquarius for the entirety of 2022. This energy really says, ďHard work doesnít work unless you do.Ē Connect with those around you, approach issues logically and make real change.

Aries, Mars spends time in fellow fire sign Sagittarius as the year starts, and this pairing really brings the heat for you. Early 2022 means spontaneity and diversifying your experiences. Take advantage of that cardinal fire sign energy and step up for whatever challenges life brings. From mid-July to late December, asteroid Chiron passes through your sign. While that energy forcing you to confront your emotional wounds can be uncomfortable, that time gives you the opportunity to stop undervaluing yourself and embrace healing!

Taurus, retrograde is a scary word, but no worries! Your planetary ruler Venus starts the year retrograde in Capricorn, forcing you to look inward at your emotional and financial needs. There is room to expand on both fronts, but these things take time and work. Keep an eye out for recurring themes and people ó listening now when the past is knocking can open your eyes. During your solar return between mid-April and late May, you have your very own eclipse! The April 30 eclipse will bring enthusiasm and brightness into your life, which, paired with Uranusí transit in your sign this year, encourages you to lose your inhibitions and open your mind!

Gemini, having Mercury as your ruling planet can be grueling during retrograde. Mercury goes retrograde three different times in 2022 (Jan. 14 through Feb. 3; May 10 through June 3; and Sept. 9 through Oct. 2), so be prepared for potential communication and technology slowdowns during those periods. Your solar return from late May to late June is an especially happy one this year! Itís time for a fresh start. Your perception and communication skills are unmatched, so donít be afraid to take advantage of them in your personal and professional lives.

Cancer, being ruled by the moon, your emotions and energies ebb and flow like the tides, which gives you the reputation of being moody. But that intuition is strong! Having the moon in your sign at the beginning of the year can make insecurity in family dynamics and work/life balance stand out. That said, the new moon in your sign falls just before the start of your birthday season, giving the perfect opportunity to plant seeds of intention and really manifest your successes for the rest of the year. Your solar return between late June and late July is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and really do you, for you.

Leo, your ruler, the sun, takes its time hanging out in Capricorn as the year begins. This gives you plenty of reasons to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Donít hide that confidence! This is your year to take on leadership positions or work independently. A new moon in late November in kindred fire sign Sagittarius ensures this time of year is filled with fun and enjoyment for you. But your responsibilities wait for no one, so this is a good time to work on prioritization.

Virgo, everyone knows you love checking off the boxes on your list, and this is the year for that! Your ability to adapt to Mercuryís quick transits is crucial in you finding success year-round. Like Taurus, your ruling planet finds itself in three different periods of retrograde this year, so look out for communication or travel issues during those times. During your solar return between late August and late September, take time to do some mental and lifestyle cleanout sessions to get rid of things that donít serve you. This is also a good time to check in on health issues.

Libra, with your planetary ruler Venus going retrograde in Capricorn as the year starts, take some time to assess your values and goals for the rest of the year. When Venus stations direct at the end of January, that focus and drive will come back into play and youíll be ready to go. Transformative asteroid Psyche spends time in your sign from late August to mid-November. This time is great for you to face fears, confront pain and take the necessary steps toward healing. Your solar return from late September to late October really opens up your conflict resolution skills and allows you to show off how well you find solutions that work for everyone.

Scorpio, your co-ruler Mars hangs out in Sagittarius at the beginning of the year, giving you the confidence and drive to seek new information and experiences that make you feel the most like yourself. Pluto, who also co-rules your sign, will spend the entire year in Capricorn, giving you the hardworking mentality to focus on your goals. But during Plutoís retrograde from late April to early October, itís important to take care and be patient with yourself. Your solar return during late October to late November gives you the opportunity to really show off! Just make sure to still keep people guessing.

Sagittarius, your ruler Jupiter spends time in your opposing elementís sign Pisces at the beginning of the year. Itís time to put away the distractions and look inward. Developing your intuition can give you valuable insight on what really matters to you. Jupiter transitions into Aries in May and spends late July to late November retrograde. This time is perfect to reassess your goals and values. Change isnít easy, but youíll grow from it. Your solar return from late November to late December brings the opportunity to expand your horizons, finish that to-do list and be thankful for what is already in your life.

Capricorn, your year starts out with your ruling planet Saturn in Aquarius. This union means group work and networking are your best friends. Connect with people who have different opinions and perspectives from yours. Itís also a good time to look at the relationships in your life and get rid of the ones that no longer serve a purpose. Saturn goes retrograde from early June to late October, and this is the perfect opportunity to slow down, look inward and really learn the most you can about yourself. Your solar return from the end of December to the end of January 2023 tells you to set aside time to break away from your hardworking usual to a more playful and carefree time.

Aquarius, the contrast in energies from your against-the-grain ruling planet Uranus and stable and secure Taurus, where Saturn spends the entirety of the year, will be noticeable. If you feel like youíre swimming upstream, donít worry; this challenge will open you up to new growth. Uranus is retrograde twice this year (through mid-January and from late August to the end of the year), giving you some relaxation from the energy conflict of the planet and earth sign Taurus. Take this time to review what you learned from that frustrating energy. Your solar return is Ö starting this week! Celebrate and focus on living your life before the sun squares Uranus and brings in some unpredictable energy.

Pisces, youíre feeling very at home the first half of the year. Your ruling planet Neptune hangs out direct in your sign until late June where it goes retrograde until the end of December. Life feels easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy until then, when your dream-like state comes to a screeching halt. This retrograde is the time to focus on facing the realities that have become evident. Youíre capable of working through it as long as you stop procrastinating. Your solar return from late February to late March is a good time to live in that dream ó get out in nature and enjoy your springtime birthday.