newsApril 12, 2024
The Nepalese Student Association welcomed everyone at the Nepali Night in the University Center Ballroom on Apr. 6.
Nepalese students perform at the Nepali Night.
Nepalese students perform at the Nepali Night.Photo by Mohammad Abdus Sarwat

Nepali Night has been one of the biggest events hosted by the NSA annually since 2012.

During the event, students shared their culture through dancing and singing performances, a fashion show and a dinner that consisted of traditional Nepali dishes.

President of Nepali Student Association sophomore engineering physics and mechanical application major Sugam Bhattarai said that the main purpose of the event is to help Nepalese students adapt to the new environment and tell people from other cultures about their traditions.

“This is a cultural exchange program we conducted so that new incoming international students can quickly adapt to the new environment and not feel homesick, and also we get to share our culture with all the students from the university,” Bhattarai said.

Nepalese students prepared fascinating performances to share their music and dance with SEMO students. Attendees of the event also had the opportunity to try traditional Nepalese dishes.

Freshman accounting major Aarzan Karki said that events like this help to feel connected to home while being in a different country.

SEMO students try Nepalese food at the Nepali Night.
SEMO students try Nepalese food at the Nepali Night.Photo by Mohammad Abdus Sarwat

“Purpose of the event is to gather up and bring back the memories and culture. We are very far from our culture and from our people. And these events bring our people together,” Karki said. “We can enjoy our food. It has actually been a while since I ate my home food.”

During the event, SEMO students experienced a piece of rich Nepalese culture and learned more about this country.

Junior computer science major Ajwad Ahmed said that activities at the event were an enjoyable way to get more knowledge about the culture of Nepal.

“I really liked the event. It was filled with music and food of course a lot of culture. There are people from a lot of diverse cultures, a lot of different backgrounds. I guess this is a chance to show who they are, where they came from and what they love,” Ahmed said.

The next cultural events, Bangladeshi Night and African Night, will take place on Apr. 27.