opinionMarch 25, 2022
Anybody remember the ~wild~ tights trend of the early 2010s? Yes, Hot Topic cat cutout tights – I’m talking to you.
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Anybody remember the ~wild~ tights trend of the early 2010s? Yes, Hot Topic cat cutout tights – I’m talking to you.

Good news for all of you who haven’t forgotten: Fun, colorful tights are back in the boldest way. I’ve seen them allllll over social media lately, especially on Instagram Reels and TikTok. That’s how you know it’s big.

For a lil more intel on this trend, I consulted an expert among us: English professor Sandra Cox. Cox’s outfits are *absolutely* fab on their own, but I swear that she’s truly got a PhD in accessorizing.

I’ve been chatting with the queen herself, and she said tights are one of her fave ways to elevate an outfit. She’s the owner of “dozens” of pairs of tights and was obsessed with an orange pair last semester.

The *obsession* started back in her college years. She said she started almost exclusively wearing dresses during her time as a teaching assistant – where she also needed to wear tights in the conservative professional environment, she said.

As we allllllll know, pants sizing is wacky. Cox def agrees, and it’s one of the reasons she prefers the dress/tights combo.

“One of the things I truly love about tights is you have a general idea of the height/weight frame you fit in, so they’re sold in a way that makes sense,” she said. “Otherwise, I never know, until I put the pants on my body, what they’re gonna look like.”

She loves the cat tights, as well as a monochromatic shoe and tight pairing. Mixing patterns of tights with bold dresses isn’t for the faint of heart – Cox suggests going lowkey on top if you’re picking a colorful tight.

“You’ve gotta make sure the rest of it is simple,” she said. “[I like] black and white plus a primary, or a jewel tone, or gray with a rust.”

Textured, neutral tights – like dots or patterns – can be a fun way to dip your toe into the tights pool, Cox said.

Of course, we can’t talk tights without bringing up the iconic red tights from Gossip Girl. Blair, sweetie, you’re killing it.

Ya know what’s a plus? Tights are usually at the lower end of the $$$ spectrum, which means it’s easier to try lots of different styles without breaking that piggy bank.

Have you hopped on the tights trend yet? Let me know on Twitter at @nbakerARROW!

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