Southeast Missouri State University student publication

Seven things we all think during the second week back at school

Monday, January 29, 2018

1. Where are my clean sweatpants?

The first week of school you planned outfit and really worked to make a great first impression, however, now you spend a bit of extra time in bed and toss on sweatpants and a T-Shirt, which may or may not be clean.

2. Why is the professor actually using the whole class time?

Sitting in class daydreaming of last week when the professor just passed out a syllabus and let you leave. (And of course you still haven’t read the syllabus.)

3. There was homework???

Coming into class and realizing there was homework and you are already behind in the class somehow. The assignment you had idea about was probably buried somewhere in that syllabus you haven’t and won’t read.

4. Should I actually get out of bed and go to class?

I mean are they really going to be covering anything important in that 8 a.m. math class???

5. Where did I put my books?

Did I leave my books in class? In my Car? Did I even pick them up yet??? The mystery might never be solved.

6. When will it stop being cold?

You forgot your coat in your room like always so it would be really nice if it wasn’t cold.

7. Trying to figure out how many days till spring break?

If you are wondering there are 48 days until you can be somewhere sandy.