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Column: Breaking down boot styles

Friday, November 6, 2020
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

With the changing seasons comes a change in wardrobe ó especially in shoes! Gone are the carefree sandals and sneakers of the hot summer months as the temperatures dip towards freezing. Boots soon emerge as the shoe staple of autumn and winter months! There are so many different kinds of the shoe style, itís difficult to know where to start! Iíve broken down a few of this fallís hottest boot styles, just for you. Add them to your closet, ASAP.

Letís start with one of the most basic (but adorable!) boot styles.

Chelsea boots are both chic and versatile ó the best of both worlds! These ankle-length, usually flat-heeled boots feature a portion of elastic on either side of the shoe. Itís an unmistakable detail that serves no purpose in the functionality of the shoe beyond aesthetics.

The low-heel and sturdy construction of this type of boot makes it incredible for everyday wear. I scored a pair of Chelsea-style rain boots at Target ó itís a must-have for Missouri weather!

Meet Chelseaís older sister: the platform Chelsea boot! These shoes are edgy in the cutest way: they feature a thick sole with a chunky heel and distinctive sole pattern. Theyíre a great way to add a bit of punk to a fall-themed outfit and fulfill all your Pinterest dreams. Careful, though. These babies are a bit difficult to walk in.

Doc Martens ó a specific brand of combat boots ó are similar but still so different! They feature a nearly-flat sole and heel, with the boot extending a few inches higher than the ankle. These run somewhere between $100 to $200 a pair, but if thereís any truth in the brandís cult following, theyíre worth it.

Thereís been some confusion in the past about different types of taller boots. Fear not: hereís the quick rundown! Riding boots reach mid- to high-calf. Over-the-knee boots extend barely higher than the knee, while thigh-high boots end at mid-thigh. Riding boots will be constructed of a more sturdy material, while itís likely the over-the-knee and thigh-high boots feature a more flexible fabric.

Shopping for a new pair of fall boots may seem overwhelming, but doing a little research before you hit the stores can help! Did I miss any trendy boot styles? Tweet me at @nbakerARROW!