Southeast Missouri State University student publication

How to make the most of remote learning

Monday, November 23, 2020
Graphic by Madison Stuerman

As we approach the designated two weeks of the online learning part of this semester, it is important to be prepared for the change. Here are some tips to help with productivity as we get closer to the end of the semester:

1. Set up a workspace

>>>>>It is easy to feel like remote learning is taking up a lot more of your time than normal in-person school. This is probably because you don’t have a designated place for work and another for relaxing.

>>>>>Make sure to take time out of your day and between studying to take a break and do something else. Whether this be a hobby, going outside or taking a nap — anything that is away from your computer screen will help.

>>>>>If you get distracted easily, use sites like Cold Turkey or Freedom to control your surfing during class.

2. Set a routine:

>>>>>It can be helpful to get a routine going, at least in the morning, to get motivated for class. Wake up, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, change out of your pajamas, log into Zoom, etc. Treat the weekdays as if you are still going to classes in person.

3. Helpful buys:

>>>>>Blue light glasses. I bought a pair of these about halfway through the spring semester, and I definitely felt a decrease in my headaches once I started using a pair. Amazon has many inexpensive choices.

>>>>>Webcam covers. This can help save you from those embarrassing videos of people who aren’t aware they are being seen during Zoom meetings.

While you’re utilizing these tips, here are a few things to remember:

>>>>>Bring home your textbooks! The university has the option to mail back your books after finals week.

>>>>>Set your alarm if you have early online classes.

>>>>>Just because classes are online doesn’t mean you can slack off. Finals week is so close — it would not be fun to learn your grade dropped because you thought you could get away with it.

>>>>>Make sure you have the required software and materials for your class before leaving campus.

>>>>>Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility is still accessible through telehealth appointments if needed.

>>>>>Talk to your professors. They are here to help whether you have trouble with remote learning or not.