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Column: Where are Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows now?

Wednesday, February 3, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

I remember hearing about Cara’s eyebrows nonstop in 2016. Then, poof: they faded into oblivion. Well, they are still located on her face (obvi) but have since faded from the public’s consciousness.

In 2021, there are so many different ways to express yourself through your brows. Why stop at one? I’m sharing a few of my fave brow hacks from friends, influencers and yours truly!

Shoutout to my good pal, D, for introducing me to the absolutely life-changing world of DIY dye. D, who has absolutely showstopping brows, uses the 1000 Hour lash tint and eyebrow dye and will never swear by anything else. Personally, I use the Just for Men facial hair dye carefully applied to my brows with a spoolie brush. My editor, S, recommends applying vaseline around the edges of your brows to ensure the dye stays put. Shoutout to all the YouTubers that recommended the

Whatever dye you pick, remember that safety comes first. Read the package to ensure it’s safe around the eye area, and be super-duper careful when applying. Still anxious about DIY-ing your dye? Head to a professional to take care of your brow needs.

If you’re looking to change up the shape, you’ve got a ton of options! Start with a clear vision of the shape of your brows. They can be straight, high arched, or rounded; whatever best fits your style! Following your natural brow shape usually ensures the most seamless look, but feel free to play with eyebrow stencils to switch it up!

Threading has been extremely popular in the past few years and provides a sharp, clean look. Waxing brows can take place in a professional’s salon or your apartment bathroom — if you’re in the second group, do your research! Sally Hanson has a great line of wax strips, which are a thousand times easier than traditional wax.

I recently learned about eyebrow razors, and they’ve since changed the game for me! I found some of mine at Target and Walmart, but you can buy almost anything on Amazon too. Tweezers are always a go-to, but ugh! They’re so painful. Eyebrow razors help remove extra teeny brow hairs without the ouch.

For those extremely committed to brows on fleek, there’s options for you, too! Permanent brow tattoos are always available (but personally, not recommended!) Microblading offers a semi-permanent ink in a similar way to tattooing, but way more subtle. Has anyone tried this trend?

While Cara’s thick, full brows were the hottest trend of the mid-2010s, newer trends seem to sway towards thinner eyebrows. The resurrection of many 90s trends — ahem, butterfly clips — brings the comeback of more dainty, heavily-shaped brows. Even Cara’s most famous accessories are looking a little less full these days. Just please, do your future self a favor and never, ever, ever overpluck.

Remember, pals — my DMs are always open for more brow tips! Send me your best at @nbakerARROW.