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Column: Answering your fashion q’s

Tuesday, February 9, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

I asked, you answered: What are your biggest fashion and beauty questions of 2021?

This comes from someone whose search history is constantly filled with a fashion-forward stream of consciousness. Whenever I’m unsure about a new trend ( or straight-up clueless) I’ll reach out to the world wide web for answers.

Last week, I asked my beloved Instagram followers the above question on my story for this column. Grab an iced coffee and settle into your comfiest chair — we’ll be diving into those questions today!

Instagram user (and longtime pal) A asks, “What do you pair sweatpants with to make a cute outfit??”

Cute and comfy, sweatpants seem to be replacing the basic black leggings we know and love. Sorrryyyyy to those who worship at the altar of Lululemon, the “big pants, little shirt” trend is stealing the spotlight. Who wants to pay $98 for some spandex and cotton, anyway?

You’re definitely on the right track, and I love that you’re following the trends, A. Another user asked a question that would work perfectly with sweatpants!

D says: “How do I make my outfit look more enjoyable when everything is a single color?”

Great question! Think back to A’s response. Boom. Put the two together, and you’ve got a ‘fit worthy of allllll the Instagram likes.

That’s right, pals: monochrome sweatsuits. They’ve been popping up everywhere, from Kim K’s feed to retailers like Zara and H&M. They’re composed of sweatpants and usually a cropped sweatshirt or tee.

The trick to a seamless look is matching the shades of monochrome perfectly. An art student should be able to see your outfit, whip out their color wheel charts and ensure the hues are exactly the same. If you’re in search of a good palette, earth tones are def trending right now. The neutral-ish colors also look absolutely un-believe-able on everyone!

To further answer your question, D, you can add some ~spiciness~ to a monochromatic outfit by switching up fabric textures. Mixing and matching velvet, suede, denim, silk and cotton fabrics help to stand out.

I’m leaving you with one piece of advice I learned in my fashion class this week: we buy clothes based off of color first, before any other factor. Soooo, pick a color you really love and build that monochrome ‘fit! As always, catch me at @nbakerARROW.