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Column: Throw on this throwback

Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

Buckle up, pals: weíre taking the time machine for a spin. Today, weíre talking about a trend thatís from wayyyy back.

Thatís right, Bridgerton fans: corsets are coming back in the best way.

Maybe your first impression of the corset was historical dramas with excruciating scenes of tightening the garmentís strings! Uhhhh, Iíll pass.

While todayís corset is similar in aesthetic, it comes without the major ouch.

The silhouette of a corset top is overtly feminine with a bit of an edge, making it a favorite of celebrities and street style enthusiasts alike. Personally, Iím in love with the silk style of the corset top layered over darker clothing.

While you can shop this trend in a variety of hues, I recommend leaning towards softer colors. Baby blues, light pinks and buttery yellows all play up the feminine side of corsets, and help to create contrast in an outfit.

Iíve noticed that street style influencers on Instagram often pair corsets with blazers, mom jeans and white button-downs. Perfect! Thereís lots of ways to explore this trend ó the internet is at your fingertips.

I totally forgot to mention! The 2021 twist to the 1800ís trend? Layer your corsets over your Ďfit, not under. Itís an inverse of the traditional that creates an unexpected element in an outfit.

Shocking, I know!

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