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New single housing for students created by Residence Life

Thursday, April 1, 2021
Graphic by Alisha Reisenbichler

For the Fall 2021 semester, Residence Life has expanded single housing throughout different resident halls.

New single housing is opening up in Towers East, Towers South and Greek/group housing.

Returning students have more opportunity to sign up sooner and choose their single rooms compared to a new student.

“We made the decision to close Dearmont a few years ago. We really did not want to lose the single room option because we saw the interest the students had, and because we had the capabilities now we wanted to increase the numbers of single rooms that we have available to students on campus,” said Kendra Skinner, director of Residence Life.

Previously, residence halls offered private rooms, but students had to buy out their potential roommates' space.

“So many of our students are coming to us nowadays without having to share a bedroom ever in their life, and so to then come to campus and have to be with a roommate is a little too much for some people. That is why we give them the single housing opportunity,” Skinner said.

Single housing is designed for a one-person space and will include less furniture.

“The single housing gives you a room that provides you privacy but still allows you to get out of your room to go network and meet new people on your floor by using the restroom facilities,” Skinner said.

Freshman Madison Lingleo said she is glad she signed up for single housing for next semester due to the advantages that come along with her being able to split her free time evenly.

“What I like most about this is that I can have my own space but still be surrounded by all my friends that I can hang out with any time of the day,” Lingleo said. “Because due to me being an introvert, it’s nice to be able to get away from everyone if I need to.”

Sophomore Isac Cruadonur said he finds this new expansion to have its cons when it comes to students living alone.

“A disadvantage to living in a single dorm is the disconnect,” Cruadonur said. “It’s harder to stay connected if you are not involved in sports and clubs if you don’t have a roommate.”

For more information about housing, visit Residence Life’s website at