newsMarch 26, 2024
Towers East, the cheapest dormitory on SEMO campus, will become singles only next semester.

Towers East, the cheapest dormitory on SEMO campus, will become singles only next semester.

This decision will lead to an increase in the minimum price of accommodation on campus from $5,900 to $7,850 per academic year, netting a near $2000 change.

Director of Residence Life Kendra Skinner stated that this decision was made due to the decrease in the number of students who decide to live on campus.

“We are choosing to close a building down for next year. But we still have more space than we need. So instead of closing additional space down we are choosing to maximize the space that we have,” Skinner said.

The change in the price of accommodation on campus has caused concern among students about the affordability of education at SEMO.

Towers East was a preferable option for some students due to its affordable price.

Sophomore social work major Hannah Colabianchi said that she chose Towers East because the previous price allowed her to pay for college herself.

“I’m paying for college by myself. I have a goal of mine to graduate with no debt. So that’s why I chose it [Towers East],” Colabianchi said.

Some students see the new minimal price of accommodation on campus as a significant change in expenses.

Sophomore corporate communications major Noah Stuckel thinks that the new price might be a problem for those who do not get financial support.

“I think I’m in a fortunate position that it won’t be significant for me. My parents helped me a lot with paying for college and scholarships can help cover the rest. So not for me, but I know that it could be an obstacle for others,” Stukel said.

However, Director of Residence Life Kendra Skinner said that SEMO will still be one of the most affordable universities in Missouri even after the price of a room in Towers East increases.

“When we are developing our rates each year we always try to take a look at what other schools are doing. It appears to be a pretty big rate increase for next year. We are actually either consistent or still lower than some of our competitors,” Skinner said.

SEMO has a lot of students who come to study from abroad. Finding accommodations for them in a foreign country can be very challenging.

Freshman entrepreneurship major Naethan Rushak Govada shares his concerns about finding a place to live while studying at SEMO.

“I’m an international student, so I do not know anybody and I have to stay on campus. It [price change] is significant because it’s the only option I have and it’s expensive,” Govada said.

Nonetheless, Director of Residence Life Kendra Skinner thinks that accommodation on campus has benefits that are not available in off-campus apartments.

“We have staff that are here in our buildings, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re here to manage emergencies, we have access to facilities management overnight, who can come in to deal with facility issues that might be taking place,” Skinner said.

However, not all students believe that the price of a room in Towers East is fair for the quality of accommodation they get.

Freshman Tanisha Asih says Tower East has problems that are not being solved.

“Elevator is not working, the fire alarm goes off all the time for no reason, and nothing is done about it. And the kitchen is dirty all the time,” Asih said.

Students are free to contact the office of Residence Life at for concerns or questions regarding accommodation on campus and available options.