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Column: Your fall fashion forecast

Tuesday, August 17, 2021
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

Uhhh, itís August? Already? Hot girl summer is rapidly coming to an end, and thereís about a billion things on your back-to-school agenda. From mapping out the best routes on campus to penning your class schedule in your brand-new academic planner, thereís barely any time left to craft a new wardrobe.

Whatís a girlboss to do?

To make your campus move-in a *little* easier, Iíve rounded up a list of the allllllll the trends that should be on your radar this fall. Add to cart!

Terry cloth sets

Insert TikTok reference here: If I had a nickel for every time I spotted an ultra-cute terry cloth crop top and shorts set on social media, Iíd have more than two nickels. Which is a lot.

Thereís just something about terry cloth outside of a poolside setting that adds instant coolness to an outfit. Personally, I *totally* have a thing for mixing textures in outfits ó as youíll soon learn ó and terry cloth makes it just too easy.

During the summer months, a tank top and high-waisted short set totally ruled. Make this summery fabric trend fall-appropriate by reaching for a polo or button-up. Read: throw on a terry cloth top like this one with structured dark-wash jeans (contrasting! textures!).

Sweater vests FTW

Is there anything thatís more Y2K than sweater vests? The preppy staple is getting an update for Fall 2021: Choose a cropped fit and houndstooth print to stay on-trend! The ahmazingggg thing about vests is their versatility: They can be layered over button-up shirts or tees or worn by themselves. If youíre still on the hunt for the perfect vest to add to your wardrobe, this set from Cider is super-duper cute!

GG fashion inspo

Iíve been waiting forever to discuss the style on the reboot of the 2010ís classic series ďGossip Girl.Ē It keeps the same elite preppiness of the original with a modern, wearable twist. Look out for deconstructed sweater vests and button-downs with bike shorts this fall.

Personally, Iím following the outfit inspo from Julian, whoís giving us alllllll the streetwear realness. BTW, insiders know this time around that headbands are totally out. XO!

Lisa Frank color palette

Okay, okay, Iíll admit it: An all-neutrals wardrobe is v chic, but adding a little color is wayyy more fun. This fall, incorporate neons and pastels into your clothing hauls. Donít be afraid to mix and match bold colors, ŗ la the Lisa Frank coloring books of Gen Zís childhood.

If youíre going for a more subtle look, try adding a new color or two to your outfit rotation. Iím personally loving sage green and lavender, but lean into whatever feels best!

Need > want

Donít forget the basics! A cute pair of walking shoes (hiiiii, Reeboks!) is a must. Find a style of jeans you love ó no shade if low-waisted is your fave! ó and invest in a quality pair or two. I always hunt for my Leviís at TJ Maxx! Also, never underestimate the power of belts to totallyyyy change an outfit.

Before you go, donít forget to ~explore~ your style this semester. Iím challenging you to choose one new fall trend to rock this year. Tweet me your finds at @nbakerARROW!