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Get the look: editorial yellow eyeliner

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Trying a new look can be *totes* scary. I get it!

Editorial looks, especially, can look a bit ~wacky~. Your inner Karen might wonder who even let you out of the house.

Today, Iím walking you through the steps to create a fun, wearable editorial look!

One of my fave designs ATM is silly, sunshine-y eyeliner. It creates this cute lil halo over your eyelids ó and I swear, itís super simple!

First things first, letís chat materials youíll need! Iím starting with the bright yellow L.A. Girl Shockwave Eyeliner in Screaminí ó itís currently less than $4 at Ulta. Budget queen! For this look, weíll also need a base color; choose a powder eyeshadow thatís similar to your skin tone. Personally, I choose the shade Strange from Urban Decayís Naked3 palette. Itís this shimmery vanilla that provides the perfect canvas for the neon yellow liner.

Mascara is optional for this look. Say whaaaaaat?! Ya heard me right. Ever since ďEuphoriaĒ makeup artist Doniella Davy shared that she doesnít use mascara for the seriesí fun looks, Iíve been skipping this step.

Okay, letís get into it!

First, begin by sweeping the base color alllllll over your eyelid. Iím bad about this and just use my fingers (sorry!!!!!!) but you can opt for a fluffy eyeshadow brush. The name of the game here is creating a consistent, even base. At the same time, you can add a bit of concealer underneath your brow; itíll help them pop!

Once youíre confident in your canvas, start drawing the sun rays with a sharpened eyeliner pencil! Itís A-OK if it isnít perfect. Just have fun with it!

Once youíve created five to 10 short lines above your lid, reach for Q-tip ó this will help to clean up the lines! Making some lines thicker than others can keep the look ~spicy~. Itís totally fine if the lines are a bit messy, too.

Look at that! Youíre already done!

Outfit-wise, Iíd suggest pairing this bold look with a more low-key ensemble. My go-to is a black T-shirt or sweatshirt; it lets your eyeshadow shine!

Do you enjoy editorial looks? Tweet me your fave eyeliner designs at @nbakerARROW!