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Arrow-scopes: Nov. 3 ó 9

Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Graphic by Kailyn Veach

Whatís going on with the planets? Is Mercury in gatorade? Check out your weekly horoscope and get an update on whatís going on in astrology right now!

This week greets us with a new moon in Scorpio on Nov. 4, as well as carrying both Neptune and Uranus in retrograde (Rx). In short: thereís a lot of feelings happening. Thank the moon, especially, if you have a big three placement in Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, or, you guessed it, Scorpio.

If you have a big six placement (sun, moon, rising/ascendant, Mercury, Mars and Venus) in Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini or Virgo, be prepared to face those problems head-on. Neptune is an illusionist planet, and in its home sign of Pisces, itís playing no games right now. The retrograde lasts from June 25 to Dec. 1, so keep holding on.

If one of your big six is in Taurus, Leo, Aquarius or Scorpio (sorry, guys, itís rough out there), get ready to have your world rocked, if you havenít seen it already. Uranusí retrograde lasts from Aug. 19 all the way into Jan. 18, 2022. This is the planet of awakening, so donít be afraid to lean into the changes and take this opportunity for growth.

Aries, this is the time to feel all the feelings. Donít be afraid to be vulnerable right now.

Taurus, youíre gonna see some intensity when it comes to close relationships ó family, friends, significant others, you name it ó but donít run from those strong feelings! That intensity brings new opportunities.

Gemini, life may feel like itís droning ó day in, day out, same thing ó but donít lose yourself in the routine and monotony. Try taking steps to be fully present in all of lifeís mundane moments.

Cancer, this Scorpio new moon is giving you all the inspiration and drive! Take advantage of the energy shift to bring new life and creativity into everything youíre doing.

Leo, you may be feeling a lot of nostalgia right now, especially about family. Itís a good time to connect to your roots and re-stabilize your foundation to move forward with confidence.

Virgo, itís good to spend time practicing mindfulness, but donít lock yourself away! Take time to be social and integrate yourself into your local scene.

Libra, this new moon is putting you in touch with resources! Focus on those money-related goals and look for opportunities for security and financial growth.

Scorpio, having this new moon in your corner means lots of energy for transformation and reinvention! You may be feeling overwhelmed with all those feelings, but take this moonís energy and use it to manifest your goals and motivation.

Sagittarius, life is feeling heavy at the moment, but donít sink under the weight. Take the passion and energy from all those feelings and donít be afraid to face it head-on!

Capricorn, itís group project time! Itís your time to branch out, seek growth, connection and creativity from those around you.

Aquarius, does work feel like a lot right now? This is a good time to reflect on your professional needs and seek out new opportunities. They may be manifesting in ways youíre not expecting, so donít be afraid of change!

Pisces, that water moon is really pushing you out of your comfort zone. Embrace it! Itís time to push boundaries and seek out opportunities for personal growth and new knowledge.