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Main character energy: rainbow hair

Friday, February 18, 2022
Graphic by Nicolette Baker

I know you’ve seen it allllll over your Insta feed. You’ve wanted to try it, but maybe you’re a lil scared.

I’m here to tell ya: take the plunge and dye your hair a fun color.

Ya girl here isn’t the hair expert, so I brought in Allie, a hairstylist at Plush salon. She currently rocks a *fierce* red, and has completed many a hair makeover in her salon chair. Allie – @alliesheree_plush – recently messaged me on Insta to offer her expertise. We sat down to chat on the phone about the trendiest dyes this spring.

She says she sees a lot of purple, violet and red in her chair currently. In the next few months, she forecasts blue hues for spring, as well.

All shades of purple – from lavender to intense plums – are trending right now with clients, Allie says. Personally, her #hairgoals is a vivid, bright pink.

Heads up: “Fashion colors” – the hairstylist lingo for bright, rainbow colors – are v high maintenance. Like, seriously. Washing in cold showers – “as cold as you can stand it,” as Allie says – helps to extend the tint. Shampoo specifically made for color hair also can extend the life of bold dyes.

Plan for a salon visit every eight weeks, Allie says, to refresh that color. And if you’re a bit nervous to take the plunge, she says to just dip your toes in the water before *totes* committing.

“Start off smaller, don’t go all in,” Allie says. “See how you like maintaining it. Maybe do highlights, or a balayage.”

Balayage is hand-painted highlights, tailored to fit *you.* Perfection! Also, adding a cute lil money piece highlight – the section of hair closest to your face – gives ya a fun lil pop of color.

A lil hair color rule from moi? After a big transformation, cover your pillowcase with an old T-shirt – preferably in black – to protect your sheets from the dye.

You’re welcome. (;

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