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Sounds, notes and lyrics - a palette of music

Thursday, February 24, 2022
Graphic by Emma Kratky

Music can be very subjective. What sounds like robot noises to one person, can in turn be musical heaven for another.

It can be art, your own palette created with songs, not colors.

That’s what I love about music. It can be yours, in a sense. What you like could be so different from someone else, it's like your own musical fingerprint.

It can also bring people together. Sharing a music taste is a beautiful thing too.

That's something I want to do with all of you! Share music.

In the best of times and in the worst of times, listening to a good song can make you feel like you're on top of the world.

And not to brag, but I currently have over 7,200 songs saved on Spotify, so I think I can hopefully give you some musical suggestions.

I think as an introduction for my music taste, I’ll simply share a mixed playlist. No real genre, no real mood, just music!

If I had to describe my music taste, I’d say it has a lot of variety. I love heavy metal and hard rock, but one of my current favorite genres is darkwave music. The best way to describe it is gothic electronic dance music….I think?

A common theme in my music taste is a dark undertone. Anything that sounds gothic or spooky tends to draw me in quickly. And artists that only focus on that sound …count me as a fan!

This week's playlist is a mix of all my current favorites, and then some.

Every week I’ll be compiling 15 songs, usually with a similar vibe. This is just the beginning!

And of course, I want to hear from you guys. What music do you like and why?

If you want to send me suggestions for next week’s playlist or a genre to listen to in general, message me at @emmakarrow.