NewsDecember 9, 2021
What is better than a three-day break from school? An extended, week-long break.

What is better than a three-day break from school? An extended, week-long break.

Typically, Thanksgiving break for SEMO students only lasts three days, but this year was unique. An incentive program beginning Aug. 26 encouraged the campus to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Since 70% of the campus achieved this goal before Nov. 1, the three-day break became a five-day break.

What did students do with the extra time? Was the extension worth it, and will this be the new normal for SEMO?

Psychology major Darren Andre Williams, Jr. said he spent the extended break enjoying life and “getting into a whole bunch of shenanigans” with his family and friends. Williams even had the time to teach his younger brother about the Japanese collectible card game “Yu-Gi-Oh!”

“I had some extra deck cards, I put one together for him … taught him how to play. So recently, he’s been calling me, and he had questions. … Just remember … I may be your brother, but once you challenge me, I'm not your friend.”

Biomedical science major Thierry Awah spent a lot of time playing games, too, such as soccer and video games. He said the break was “definitely worth it” and shared the benefits of having two extra days.

“I had to, you know, take time off the stress of schoolwork, and it was really helpful,” he said. “Now, I’m back, kind of energized and ready to go.”

The vaccine incentive was introduced in August, and as the Thanksgiving break drew near, vaccination rates increased.

Computer science major Adebisi David Adenugba had a positive outlook and said he believed the campus would reach the goal.

“I just believe people are gonna do the right thing, so reaching the goal was quite worth it, because who doesn’t like an extra two days?” he said.

Whether students spent their break catching up on homework, eating too much turkey or learning how to play “Yu-Gi-Oh!,” SEMO students can feel safer knowing 70% of the campus is vaccinated.

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