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Column: How to make the most out of your own photoshoot in Cape

Saturday, March 6, 2021
Graphic by Madison Stuerman

We’ve all seen them, those super cute photos friend groups “spontaneously” take. Have you ever wanted to do it yourself, but just don’t know where to start? Well, sit back and relax because I can help you accomplish a simple, spur-of-the-moment photo shoot.

Step One: Gather up some friends. Whether it be just one or 10, there isn’t a limit to how many people can be included in your shoot.

Step Two: Get dressed up. It is proven that dressing up can improve your mood, and that is perfect for doing your own mini photoshoot. See what Nicolette has to say about the fashion side of your shoot!

Step Three: Pick a location. Cape Girardeau has many locations within walking distance from campus that create the perfect backdrop for your shoot. Try by the riverfront at the flood wall, the alley between Threadz and CP McGinty Jewelers on Main Street, the Sunshine Mural on the east side of The Indie House, Historical Fort D or Riverfront Bridge Park.

Step Four: Have the photoshoot! Have fun taking pictures and spending time with your friends. Pose how you want to — this is your shoot, so don’t think about the negative thoughts you might normally have, but enjoy spending time with your friends. The best kinds of photos end up being the natural, candid ones.

Step Five: Sort your favorites from your not-so-favorites. This is the part everyone hates, having to look back at your own photos. One way to escape this typical flaw is to switch with your friend(s). You look through their photos, find the keepers — and maybe also the ones you keep for laughs later — and switch back.

Step Six: Share on social media. We are Generation Z, so is there even a point in doing anything if you don’t share it across social media? I’m joking, sort of. Whether it be to update your extended family on Facebook about your life or to update your Tinder profile, these photos are for you to do with what you please.

Is there anything important I missed? Do you have a favorite location to take pictures at in Cape? Let me know on Twitter @MadisonS_Arrow.